Zoë Smith is a British-born travel writer, whose nomadic leanings have seen her live, work and travel over six continents. With a backpack, a pair of beat-up cowboy boots and an expertly honed talent for cross-cultural mime, she has trekked through the Sahara by camel, galloped horses across the Ecuadorian Andes, squelched through rice paddies in Indonesia and juddered around much of South-East Asia on a motorbike.

Before realising that she’d overshot the musical heyday by a couple of decades, Zoë gained a BA (hons) degree in Audio Engineering, culminating in a short-lived career setting up microphones, fiddling with vintage FX boxes and begrudgingly fetching Starbucks for pop’s latest outcrop of celebrities. Musical ambitions relinquished, she decided life would be sweeter spoken in Spanish, moved to Argentina and scraped a living for the next year teaching grammatical structures to tango dancers and latino poets. Between sipping copious amounts of yerba mate and gorging on dulce de leche, she found time to take her TEFL/TESOL qualifications and completed diplomas in Freelance Journalism and Creative Writing from the London School of Journalism.

Having stirred a pathological wanderlust, Zoë still hasn’t figured out where home is and has spent the last few years getting dirty on horse ranches around New Zealand and Australia, road tripping around Europe with her equally well-travelled dog and plotting to cross Turkey on horseback. Currently juggling writing and guidebook assignments with the Rough Guides, Zoë splits her time between the UK and rural France, and always has her suitcase half packed.